Teresa HR Lane, Auckland, New Zealand

 B(v) = n 1/1 v  How To Harness Auction Fever

B(v) = (n-1/1)v   How We Harness Auction Fever

Window @ The International Art Centre

Artweek 2016

Multimedia, acrylic ink on canvas, archival digital ink on paper, IAC catalogue cutouts, & acrylic ink on watercolor paper on canvas

2000x 1000mm

B(v) = (n-1/1)v  How We Harness Auction Fever delves into the swirling emotions of the art auction floor – a passionate marketplace that often leads to buyer’s elation and the lament of those that missed out. Lane’s work examines the inflammatory nature of desire and captures the scent of competitive arousal.


As she questions AM I IMPORTANT, this up and coming artist, has decided to risk all in the spirit of auction fever, and permit the buyer to be the arbiter of value on this piece of work. She encourages the buyer to bring themselves to this piece and to question how value is set. To consider what kind of art buyer are you.  Is this purchase about investment, taste, trend, risk, or are you simply swept up by auction fever in the desire to have something that others want. The work will be going to the floor with no reserve, up against significant New Zealand artists, as she encourages the buyer to decide value.