Teresa HR Lane, Auckland, New Zealand

Intellectual Fashion Show

Intellectual Fashion Show

35. Costume to cock a snook at the world

Gus Fisher Gallery

Group Show

October 2016

Digital Print, 2000 x 1000mm

Costume is the perfect disguise to subvert the gaze and hide our genitals from what they really are, or perhaps, pretend they could be different. Imagining with costume they can make us stronger and bolder and more powerful.


Gender seems to be this extraordinary grey space, to which we are born, given a standard set of clothes either pink or blue, and a list of pre ordained behaviours of how each sex should comport themselves within polite society.


So I need to ask myself, if I am a woman, and I have my own cock, what would it be like?


A woman’s cock, because by the nature of being female, would be the complete opposite to a man’s cock. It would be a fashion statement, like very expensive gorgeous shoes, a must have, an object of desire, but really the orthopaedic surgeon strongly advised us against it, as it will cause more pain than pleasure, but fashion drives us mad with desire and discomfort.


It would be a fashion statement

It would serve no purpose

It must be soft, sumptuous and cuddly

It will be shiny and sparkly with glitter

It must jingle

It must be impracticably big

And incredibly awkward & cumbersome

And exceedingly uncomfortable to wear

To the point it hurts

It must be bold

And colourful

And brash