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The Might Of Meekness   

The Might Of Meekness

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August, 2014 

“The meek man shines in darkness and flourishes in obscurity. Meekness cannot boast, nor advertise itself, nor thrive on popularity. It is practiced, and is seen or not seen; being a spiritual quality it is perceived only by the eye of the spirit. Those who are not spiritually awakened see it not, nor do they love it, being enamored of, and blinded by, worldly shows and appearances. Nor does history take note of the meek man. Its glory is that of strife and self-aggrandizement; his is the glory of peace and gentleness. History chronicles the earthly, not the heavenly acts. Yet though he lives in obscurity he cannot be hidden (how can light be hid?); he continues to shine after he has withdrawn himself from the world, and is worshipped by the world which knew him not.”

James Allen – All These Things Added


The Might of Meekness 


An emptyness

A man labors over

An art of construction

As the object her gaze

A vulnerable fragility, teeters on the edge of physicality

A solidity rises from bare earth, hard and built by man alone

A struggle between weakness and strength, the infinite power

A might of the meek

An omnipotence of man

And shelter


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