Teresa HR Lane, Auckland, New Zealand

 You Really Had To Be There 

You Really Had To Be There

Allpress Studio, Auckland

February 2016, 

Mixed Media, acylic ink, collage, digital printing on plywood


You Really Have To be There; Apparently it’s just a plane ride to paradise. This is the reward of hard work that is bestowed upon those that seek utopia. Teresa shares with us sixteen lineal meters of art, the continuous wave of dysfunctional utopia, which makes up this collection of mixed media paintings. The wave reaches it’ climax, and paradise comes crashing down and exposes the loneliness of one’s Eden.


This project is set on a popular beach destination, heralded for its destruction to ecology in the name of tourism. Here Teresa explores the self-acceptance of semi nakedness in an insular world that frolics in paradise with an alarming disconnection to the occupied space. Through her lenses she observes the bizarre non-interaction of people as they frolic and pace alone Up and down the beach she documents their paradise. As the common thread of disconnection arose along the shoreline, the global movement of a “Climate Change March” does nothing to rouse her muses from their stupor in paradise.